4 Unique Advantages of Seamless Gutters

Generally, there are two gutter types: sectional and seamless. Although both provide effective drainage, the seamless type is the superior choice on many levels.

For Colorado Roof Toppers, these are the unique advantages of a seamless gutter system:

Perfect Fit

Unlike their sectional counterparts, seamless gutters are made to order. They consist of straight panels of unmarred metal, stretching over the entire length your roof. Tailored to the specifications of your home, expect your seamless gutter system to fit precisely, with little to no material waste.

Less Chance of Leakage

Seamless gutters may not be completely seamless, but their joints are limited to the corners only. Just a single piece of metal runs from one end to the other. On the contrary, sectional gutters have numerous sections sealed together. Despite the adequacy of the sealant, the substance will still wear away over time. Worn-out sealants cause the water to escape. The design of seamless gutters keeps the chance of leakage to a minimum.

Low Maintenance

Any experienced residential roofing contractor would say that a seamless gutter system makes cleaning much easier. The near absence of seams eliminates ridges, preventing the formation of any blockage. In seamless gutters, there's no place where debris can accumulate and disrupt the natural flow of water.

Uniform Appearance

From an aesthetic standpoint, seamless gutters increase curb appeal because they all look identical. With hidden seams and no ridges, they can blend with the rest of your home exterior.

When it comes to gutter installation, Colorado Roof Toppers is the name you can trust. Our advanced credentials tell you that we ensure excellent work, best-in-class customer service, and stellar warranty coverage. Contact us today to talk about your project in Longmont, CO, and get an estimate.

by Denise Bart February 12, 2018