Roof and Gutter Leak Alert: 3 Telling Signs of Water Damage

Water damage comes in many forms, and each can be as detrimental to your home as the other. Fortunately, you don't need to become a trained roofer to identify its signs, nor wait for puddles to recognize the presence of active or chronic leakage. With vigilance, you can address water damage ASAP to prevent bad from getting worse.

Any credentialed residential roofing contractor, like Colorado Roof Toppers, would attest that these red flags indicate water damage:

Wood Decay

Wood, one of the most used building materials in America, is perhaps the most vulnerable to long-term or constant water exposure. The peeling of its paint is a clue that there's excessive moisture in the area. If the wood deck is in question, then leakage is the primary culprit. The rafters, wall frames and ceiling joists are also the first victims of water intrusion.

When it comes to the exterior, you know you need new gutter installation when your fascia boards are compromised. Leaky or clogged gutters can cause rainwater and snowmelt to go to places they shouldn't normally reach, such as your home's interior.

Attic Mold

Water increases moisture levels, which sets the stage for mold growth. To be precise, mold colonies don't automatically point to roof leakage because condensation alone could support their reproduction. But when mold suddenly appears after a storm, the dark streaks on the attic walls could suggest something's wrong with your roof.

Soaked Insulation

If your utility bills are unnaturally high, check your attic insulation's condition. When saturated, it loses its ability to prevent heat transfer, allowing energy to escape-–and go to waste. Although it could eventually dry out, get your roofing system professionally inspected to protect your insulation's integrity.

Over the past 37 years, Colorado Roof Toppers has provided high-quality roof and gutter solutions in several communities in the Centennial State. From premium asphalt shingles to seamless gutters, we carry the products of leading brands, like GAF, to deliver nothing but the best. To address your leak problems, we can perform a thorough inspection with detailed documentation to help you make sound decisions.

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by Denise Bart April 10, 2018