All About Confusing Roofing Estimates

Homeowners looking to get their old or damaged roof replaced, as well as new homeowners looking to build a new home, need to get roofing and gutter installation estimates from trusted roofing contractors. After all, estimates help homeowners know their budget and manage their expectations when it comes to the installation project.

People are often told to get multiple estimates from various roofers as doing so allows homeowners to compare prices between each roofer and to know how much money might be needed for the roofing job, helping them make the best choice for their home. Sometimes, however, roofing estimates vary from one contractor to another because of certain factors, such as:

  • Homeowner might have failed to give the exact same roof specifications to every contractor, resulting in a misunderstanding of the project;
  • Lower cost estimates might be due to a lack of experience on the part of the roofer. Their inexperience will lead to inaccurate labor and material cost estimates;
  • Conversely, higher cost estimates could mean the contractor has more experience in the field, and is proposing to use higher-quality materials to ensure top-quality work output;
  • Experienced roofers that are more realistic about the job will provide more accurate estimates.

When this happens, here are some things you can do:

Don't sign anything yet

Just because an estimate is cheap doesn't mean that it's better. Also, just because an estimate is higher doesn't mean it automatically leads to a better result.

Make sure you provided roofing contractors with the same info

Did you give each roofer the same info? If you didn't, that could very well be the reason why the variations in estimates. Make sure to give each contractor the same details, like if you want sectional or seamless gutters.

Contact a reputable inspection company

If the estimates vary greatly, it might be better to call a trusted inspection company to see your roof's real issues. You might need to pay them, but their service will save you more in the long run.

Contact roofing suppliers for details

It would also be good to call roofing suppliers to inquire about the cost of roofing materials the contractor included in the estimate. While it's common for contractors to include a markup on the cost of materials, calling a supplier will help you know if you're being overcharged or not.

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by Denise Bart April 29, 2019