Top 4 Reasons New Roofs Fail Prematurely

Roofs are not immune to failure; in fact, premature roofing problems are more common than you think. Let Colorado Roof Toppers share the top reasons why new roofing systems leak early:

1. Wrong Installation

The installer is often the culprit behind a faulty new roof. Every material is different and requires a unique fastening method to guarantee uncompromising, long-term performance. If your roofer fails to comply with just a single step as per manufacturer's instruction, leakage is bound to happen.

To ensure flawless work, hire a roofing contractor certified by your chosen roofing brand. A certification is the badge of excellence manufacturers grant to pros who meet their standards for proficiency. The most prestigious one is the GAF Master Elite® designation, which is a distinction shared only by the top three percent of all roofing companies nationwide.

2. Poor Ventilation

Adequate attic ventilation is critical to roof health. An overly hot attic can fry the bottom of your asphalt shingles, accelerating wear and causing them to curl. Without sufficient ventilation, your home can't breathe out excessive moisture, paving the way for condensation and mold growth. If this issue is left unaddressed, your new roof will be in bad shape in no time.

3. Low-Quality Material

An asphalt shingle roofing system is more than just the shingles. Skimping on key components, like leak barriers, in hopes of lowering your expenses can cost you more money in the long run. All accessories have a vital role to play. Forgoing the installation of one usually spells disaster for new roofs.

4. Flashing Misapplication

Flashings are pieces of metal that waterproof your roof's weakest parts, like the valleys. When they're not properly applied, you can expect water intrusion sooner rather than later.

Many homeowners that choose low-quality sealants experience flashing-related leaks. If you use the wrong contractor for residential roof replacement, you may not get warranty coverage to repair the damage for free.

At Colorado Roof Toppers we take pride in being one of the few GAF Master Elite roofing contractors in the country. Our status tells you that we're prepared to install your new roof faultlessly. Our coveted certification also gives you exclusive access to GAF's highest warranty. To talk about your project and get a FREE estimate in Fort Collins, CO, contact us today.

by Denise Bart January 02, 2018