Important Reminders Before Your Residential Roof Replacement

A residential roof replacement is a major home improvement project that can take first-timers by surprise if they face it without much preparation. This job will typically involve a large part of your home and, if you're not ready, can throw your daily schedules and activities out of whack.

Let our experienced roofing experts at Colorado Roof Toppers walk you through some important reminders about dealing with an upcoming roof replacement project.

Getting Information

Homeowners who have not gone through a replacement job in the past may find the whole thing overwhelming. Without prior experience to draw on, your best option is to back your preparation up with as much information as you can. Ask questions of your roofing contractor during the initial consultation. These questions should include information about how long the whole construction will take as well as any prior preparations you might have to make to minimize any damage to other parts of your home.

Preparing the Job Site

While the majority of the work will happen on top of your home, you still want to keep access to your roof as free from any obstruction as possible. This means removing lawn ornaments that could get in the way of the contractors' movements. Remove and secure all valuables you keep in the attic as well to prevent them from getting damaged or, at the very least, covered in dust.

Give Your Neighbors a Heads-Up

Tell your neighbors that you're expecting a lot of heavy traffic in and out of your home and driveway as your roofing is getting a facelift. This little courtesy can help them secure any pets or small children that might be disturbed by the heightened activity in your home.

With Colorado Roof Toppers, roof replacement projects are a breeze. Give us a call at (303) 622-0305 and (303) 622-0305 or fill out our online contact form to request an estimate and get your project started today. We serve homeowners in Fort Collins, CO.

by Denise Bart August 16, 2019
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