Are Roofing Warranties Worth It?

If you've ever had a new roof replacement or even a simple gutter installation, then you know just how much of an investment these home improvement projects are. Yes, they can be costly, but their benefits are well worth the cost. It follows, then, that you would want to keep them protected from any untoward incidents that might befall these important parts of your home. That is what warranties are for.

Many homeowners will know the basic in's and out's of a roofing warranty, but there are also some crucial points that you must understand to fully maximize this valuable offering. Let our skilled roofing contractors at Colorado Roof Toppers show you the ropes of extended warranties and help you understand their many different aspects.

Are They Worth It?

Your residential roofing contractor will typically give you the option to sign up for a warranty during the initial consultation and way before the roof is even installed. The question, therefore, is about whether it's worth spending extra for or not. In a nutshell, warranties work similarly to insurance policies. The contractor or sometimes even the manufacturer will typically pay to cover replacements on roofing systems that have broken down due to causes that were not caused by the homeowner. In this sense, warranties offer the peace of mind that your roof will be okay no matter what storm, damage or problem it might face. Ultimately, however, the decision is up to you on whether this peace of mind is worth it or not.

Lifetime Warranties

One important aspect of warranties that many homeowners don't seem to understand is that lifetime warranties are pro-rated. It's true that their coverage applies as long as you're living in the same house where the roof is and sometimes, it's even transferable once should you decide to move. However, the value that roofing companies and manufacturers will pay to replace older roofs will be much lower than the value of new roofs. All in all, this is generally a non-issue, as it makes sense to pay less when your roof is due for a replacement anyway.

At Colorado Roof Toppers, we offer comprehensive warranties for all our roofing products and seamless gutters. Give us a call at (303) 622-0305 and (303) 622-0305 or fill out our online contact form to request a free quote and get your project started today. We serve homeowners in Longmont, CO.

by Denise Bart August 26, 2019
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