Tips to Consider When Negotiating Roofing Project Costs

It can be awkward to negotiate roofing costs with a contractor. Then again, you want to ensure you are paying the best price for your project. Today's article offers some tips to consider that will help you work out the prices involved in your roof repair or replacement.

Ask for Roofing Material Recommendations

Having a basic understanding of the various roof types is important when tackling a roofing project. That said, you should ask your contractor for roofing material recommendations during your negotiation. If possible, find out how much each one costs. You may also consider buying the best one yourself, but only if there are cost savings involved. Ultimately, your choice should make a big difference in terms of performance, aesthetics and longevity.

Discuss Your Budget

During negotiations, talk about your budget with your roofing contractor. Come to an agreement that any unexpected expenses will be made in writing to keep your project within budget. There's a chance pre-existing conditions, such as rotten or inadequate decking, will be discovered once roofing work begins, so you and your contractor should prepare for them.

Be Clear About Warranties

Warranties will also impact your project's costs. As such, you must be sure that the quoted warranty puts into detail what it covers and what it doesn't. Also, use it to your advantage when negotiating with your contractor. A short warranty comes at a lower price, and the one with the higher price gets a more generous warranty.

Get Second Opinions

Turn to your friends and family who have recently replaced their roofs and ask them about their experience. Theirs may be different from yours, but you might get a better idea about the project's costs and the processes involved.

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by Denise Bart October 04, 2019
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