What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Roof Decking

Roof decking is one of the most important components of your roof. Read on as Colorado Roof Toppers, the area's roofing contractor of choice, presents what you need to know about it from its components to their different functions.

When to Replace Your Decking

Decking is usually not completely replaced with your roof. Your roofing experts first examine it for rot, dry rot or flexing. Only the sections with such conditions need replacement. OSB (or plywood) will provide a complete cover for spaced or plank sheathing. If not, nails could fall between the sheathing, and a strong wind could blow your shingles off.

Types of Roof Decking

Tongue and groove are often seen in homes with no ceiling. Plank sheathing is an old decking solution and is most often seen in homes built before 1970. Step sheathing is often used when installing cedar shingles. Plywood sheathing is rigid and moisture resistant. OSB sheathing is the most common type of roof decking used today. It is also rigid and moisture resistant. Colorado Roof Toppers provides these types of roofing materials.

Different Functions

Trusses, rafters and joists support your roof and distribute its weight. Roof decking is a flat surface, like a floor, that's attached to the trusses and joists. It adds an extra layer of protection between your roof and your home. It's where weatherproofing materials (underlayment, shingles, etc.) are set.                                                         

Complete Deck Replacement Is Not Always Needed 

By viewing the underside of the deck a roofer can assess its condition. Otherwise, he has to wait until the shingles are off to find sections that need replacement. Roof leaks and bends in your roof can signal the need for deck replacement. Most often, a few sheets will need replacement due to weakness or rot/water damage. It is rare for a residential roof replacement expert to replace a complete deck.

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by Denise Bart February 06, 2020
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