How to Protect Your Property From Wind Damage

When it comes to strong storms, every homeowner wants to protect their home from the damage the strong winds can bring. After all, it can easily cause damage your windows or roofing systems and repairing those can be a necessary but significant cost. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent yourself and your property from suffering through any form of wind damage.

In this post, Colorado Roof Toppers discusses the various ways you can protect your property from wind damage.

Secure Outdoor Furniture

If you have any type of patio furniture, umbrellas or any outdoor fixtures that are usually on display on a normal day, you may want to secure them or put them away before a strong storm arrives in your area. This is because strong winds can carry them into the air and cause them to crash down onto your roof or windows, which can damage them. Until the storm passes, put them away in a shed or tether them to your fence with a bungee cord so they don't fly off.

Have Your Roof Inspected

On the other hand, you might want to get a roofing contractor to inspect your roof before the storm rolls in as well. That way, any loose or damaged shingles can be replaced or repaired immediately and prevent further damage and water leaks in your home.

Inspect Your Trees

Inspecting your trees is another necessary step that you must take. If you have any dead or dying trees on your property, it's best that you have them cut down immediately so they won't topple on your home during a strong storm. Overgrown branches should be removed as well as strong winds can cause them to snap and fall on your roof or your siding.

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by Denise Bart September 10, 2019
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