The Dangers of Roof Leaks and Why You Should Address Them

Roof leaks are a common problem, but they are far from harmless. In fact, most roofing problems actually originate from the humble leak. Your residential roofing contractor, Colorado Roof Toppers, recommends addressing leaks right away before they become a bigger problem later on.

Leaks And Interior Damage

A leak will start affecting the structural integrity of the space below the roof. In most cases, this is your attic or ceiling. Apart from damaging the plaster and the wood parts of the attic, a leak can also cause the attic ventilation and insulation to drop.

This is risky, especially during the colder months, as the lack of proper ventilation can physically damage the rest of the roof, and cause you to spend more on your energy bills. That small leak can also become a real fire hazard to your home. If the leak eventually finds the electrical wiring in your attic or ceiling, it can short out the wires and cause a fire.

How To Prevent Leaks

The best way to prevent leaks is to have your roof maintained regularly. This way, you can address leaks when they are still small, more manageable, and more affordable to repair. We highly recommend doing this during fall to prepare your home for the more punishing seasons to come. We also recommend installing seamless gutters to prevent water buildup on the roof, which, in turn, reduces the risk of water intrusion and leaks.

At Colorado Roof Toppers, you can count on us to offer you professional roof maintenance and repair services. We always conduct an in-depth inspection of our customers' roofs if they need it to identify potential problem areas or leaks and address them as soon as possible.

We offer complete roofing services and professional gutter installation. Give us a call at 720-378-1901 for more information on our services. We are a residential roofing contractor that serves homeowners throughout Longmont, CO.

by Denise Bart November 09, 2017