Protect Your Gutters With These Spring Maintenance Tips

There are so many home maintenance tasks that need to be done in spring, that it is easy to forget about the gutters. Doing so is a mistake, however. Your gutters have the important job of protecting your home from water damage. In today's article, Colorado Roof Toppers, the top roofing contractor in the area, shares some spring gutter maintenance tips.

Schedule a Professional Gutter Inspection

A professional can thoroughly inspect your gutters and assess their condition. Depending on their assessment, they can recommend either gutter repairs or a full replacement. Problems like holes, sagging gutters and misalignment can easily be fixed by professionals. However, if your gutters are old and severely damaged, then it makes more sense from a cost perspective to replace them with new and better designed gutters.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned

As a roofing and gutters expert, we highly recommend getting your gutters cleaned regularly. Spring brings rain, wind and debris to your gutter system so it's likely that your need to have your gutters cleaned out. Sometimes, animals might also make nests inside your gutters. We recommend calling a professional to safely remove pests in your gutters in this case. We also recommend hiring a professional gutter company to clean your gutters for you.

Prepare Your Gutters for Summer

Summer can often bring thunderstorms, high winds and hail, so you need to make sure that your gutters are ready. Get your gutters professionally inspected, repaired and cleaned well before summer. Clogged gutters during a storm will sag and cause water damage to the rest of your home.

If your gutters have severe damage, then it's time to invest in a replacement. Colorado Roof Toppers installs durable and long-lasting seamless gutters. Our gutters are designed to reduce debris build up and to require minimal maintenance. Since they are custom-manufactured on site then it means that they are guaranteed to perfectly fit your home. We are also an expert in residential roof replacement and other home improvement projects. We serve many areas including Fort Collins, CO. Call us at (720) 378-1901 or at (970) 535-4128 to learn more about our services and products or to ask for an estimate.

by Denise Bart May 07, 2020