Everything You Need to Know About Roofing Ventilation

Roofing ventilation is an essential part of a sloped roofing system. It In this blog, residential roofing contractor Colorado Roof Toppers shares an overview of how roofing ventilation works, and why your roof needs it.

Why Does Your Roof Need Ventilation?

Indoor heat tends to rise, and usually collects in the attic area, sometimes accompanied by humidity. If this hot and humid air lingers in the attic for too long, it can cause damage to the roofing structure. Wooden components such as trusses could warp, or even rot if the moisture isn't purged. Raised humidity in the attic can damage insulation, as well as encourage mold and mildew growth, along with the respiratory problems associated with them.

How Roof Ventilation Works

A typical roof ventilation system features vents at the roof ridge, or peak. As the hot and moist air is purged from the attic area, negative pressure is created, which pulls fresh air through the vents at the soffit. This creates continuous airflow that helps keep the attic temperature down.

If your home has a larger than average roof, your roofing and gutter installation contractor may recommend using active ventilation to keep the attic cool. Electric exhaust fans can be installed at the roof ridge, which can be wired with a sensor so it only turns on at certain temperatures and humidity levels. Alternatively, you can opt for solar-powered exhaust fans if you want an energy-saving option.

Ice Dams

Roof ventilation also helps prevent ice dams from forming on the roof edge. Ice dams are formed when the roof temperature rises to the point that meltwater flows down and refreezes as it reaches the roof edge. Ice dams can lead to various problems such as water infiltration, increased pressure on the gutters, and icicle formation. Icicles can risk injury for people who may happen to be standing under them when they break loose.

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by Denise Bart January 17, 2020
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