How GAF's StainGuard Plus Works

One of the common problems homeowners will always face with their roofing system is algae. Though it won't physically damage your roof, your home's curb appeal and overall value will take a significant blow if algae isn't dealt with. If that happens, the algae will be more difficult to remove and it's less likely that a buyer will want to buy your home. Thankfully, GAF has the solution to your roof's algae problem: StainGuard Plus shingles.

In this post, Colorado Roof Toppers discusses how GAF's StainGuard Plus technology and what benefits it can bring to your home.

How StainGuard Plus Works and Its Benefits

As your roofing contractor will tell you, most shingles are manufactured with a granule technology that releases copper in order to prevent algae growth in your roof. Unfortunately, most of these were made more than 50 years ago and due to that, these granules release less and less copper as the roof ages with time. This can make your entire roofing system more susceptible to blue-green algae.

GAF's StainGuard Plus shingles, on the other hand, has time release capsules that are specially engineered and infused with thousands of copper particles. One of its benefits is that the copper it releases is ten-times more the amount compared to the old technology. As time goes by, it will eventually release just the right amount of copper to prevent the growth of blue-green algae on your roof. In fact, the algae resistance of the StainGuard Plus shingles is so impressive that it comes with a 25-year limited warranty, further proving that it can help you rest easy when it comes to your roofing system's safety against algae.

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by Denise Bart June 20, 2019
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