5 Advantages of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters, compared to sectional gutters, offer a more fluid way of flushing rainwater off your roof. Despite their steeper cost, seamless gutters solve most problems sectional gutters suffer from. Colorado Roof Toppers helps enumerate these advantages below.

Fits Your Home Perfectly

The first advantage seamless gutters have is they are all customizable to the house's measurement. Custom-fit gutters are more efficient in flushing out rainwater compared to sectional types as each portion can perform exactly how you need it to.

Requires Less Maintenance

Even if a contractor uses the best sealant for a sectional gutters' seams, it'll eventually be washed away by the rain and will need to be applied again. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, have none of those issues as there are no seals that need to be constantly reapplied, requiring little to no maintenance after the initial gutter installation.

Fewer Clogging and Overflowing Problems

One of the biggest concerns with sectional gutters is clogging in the seams. As branches and leaves get stuck between the joints, the chances of clogging are proportionately higher. With seamless gutters, the absence of joints and seams means there is a reduced chance of dealing with leaks.

Fewer Leak Problems

Another issue sectional gutters suffer from are leaking joints. Joints, if not properly maintained, are prone to crack open and cause gutter leaks. This is less likely to happen with seamless gutters as there are no seams for leaks to start from.

More Visually Appealing

And finally, seamless gutters' smooth exterior are more flattering compared to sectional gutters' joint-laden one. As your residential roofing contractor, we'll help you choose which gutter materials suit your home best. Our gutter options range from aluminum and copper to steel.

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by Denise Bart July 11, 2018