What You Need to Know About the Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Gutters, like any other component of your home, have a life span. There will come a point when your gutters will deteriorate and need to be replaced.

In this post, Residential roofing contractor Colorado Roof Toppers discusses a great option you should learn more about: seamless gutters.

What Seamless Gutters Are

Seamless gutter systems are better than pre-made sectional gutters, which are cheaper and more popular. While seamless gutters can cost more than the traditional choice, they fit better and look more appealing.

Seamless gutters are custom-fit to your home. Installers typically form the coiled metal on site using a machine. This is the major difference from sectional gutters, which you can buy off the shelf.

More than 80% of all seamless gutters are made of aluminum, and the rest are usually made of galvanized steel or copper. Aluminum is the preferred material because of its lightness and durability, its ability to resist corrosion, the ease with which it can be finished with any color you prefer and its affordability compared to other material choices.

How Seamless Gutters Perform

Compared to their sectional counterparts, seamless gutters are less prone to leaking. Aluminum seamless gutters don't warp or become brittle so they last longer than sectional vinyl gutters.

The accumulation of debris is one of the biggest concerns with sectional gutters. The sharp corners and connections can trap debris, thus also trapping moisture. The more leaves, small branches and pine needles accumulate in those areas, the harder it is for your gutters and downspouts to drain water. This is what shortens the life of a sectional gutter system.

Curb Appeal Advantage of Seamless Gutters

As seamless gutters are formed at your home, they offer the best possible fit; no awkward sections or protrusions. You can choose from a vast selection of colors that best fit your home's aesthetics. Seamless gutters simply look better than sectional gutters, so they add curb appeal to your property.

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by Denise Bart May 10, 2019