4 Crucial Roles of Gutter Systems

Any expert residential roofing contractor will tell you outright that no roof should be without a properly working gutter system. Investing in a dependable gutter system can save you from various issues that may arise from excess water.

Here's a look at four crucial roles that gutters play in your home:

1. Foundation Protection

When properly installed, gutters protect your foundation. This is because they deter subsequent flooding during rainfall. Constant dampness can compromise your foundation and ruin your home's structural integrity. Avoid this with a proper gutter system.

2. Landscape Preservation

The deluge of water can ruin landscaping. Considering how much landscaping costs, it's important to do what you can to preserve it. With a proper gutter installation project, you won't have to worry about this as the gutter system will channel water away from your home's main structure.

3. Wall Damage Inhibition

Rainwater falling to the side of your roof will inevitably reach your walls. While this isn't too concerning in small amounts, constant exposure can speed up the degradation process. You will soon get water stains on your walls. Over time, this can even cause rotting and rusting.

4. Mold Infestation Deterrence

The constant presence of water makes possible mold infestation on your home's exterior. Prevent this by installing a reliable gutter system. In addition, you will also reduce or altogether eliminate flooding, which means you won't have to worry about your surroundings becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other vermin.

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by Denise Bart October 11, 2017