Understanding the Parts of Your Roof: Roof Flashing

Learning about the different components of your home's roofing system will help you take care of it and allow you to communicate with your roofing contractor. In addition, this knowledge can help you plan for your roof repair or roof replacement. In today's post, Colorado Roof Toppers, the top roofing contractor in the area, will discuss roof flashing and explain why it is important.

About Roof Flashing

The term roof flashing refers to a strip of material that's bent to fit your roof and is then installed in the most vulnerable areas of your roof. Its purpose is to protect your roof from water damage. Roof flashing is a thin layer of waterproof material that covers the gaps in your roofing system, preventing rain from entering your roof and causing damage. Roof flashing is usually located in the roof valleys and around the roof penetrations.

The Importance of Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is vital to the performance and durability of your roofing system. After all, your roofing system is designed to protect your interior from the effects of the weather. The primary thing that your roof protects you from is the rain. However, all roofs have vulnerable areas where rain can enter. These areas are the usual source of roof leaks. Vulnerable areas include the roof joints, roof valleys and the roof penetrations.

The flashing in those areas need to be in good condition if you want to avoid leaks. Flashing is typically made from durable materials like PVC, copper, galvanized steel and aluminum. Flashing is also designed to allow the roof and walls to contract and expand because of temperature changes. No matter the season, the flashing will completely cover the gaps in your roofing system.

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by Denise Bart June 02, 2020