Ways to Prevent (or Lessen) the Roof Damage Caused by Storms

While there is still no way to control the weather, there are plenty of ways to protect your roofing system from getting damaged by storms. One example is to prevent it altogether with proper and regular maintenance, ensuring that your roof is in good shape before and after unexpected weather. Talk to a professional roofing contractor and ask about maintenance programs that can help you keep up with all your roof care needs in case of emergencies.

Aside from checkups and inspections, there are also other solutions to prevent storm damage on your roof or, if it's unavoidable, mitigate your potential losses as much as possible. Our roofing experts at Colorado Roof Toppers recommend the following tips to keep your roof from getting storm-damaged.

Keep Plants and Trees at Bay

During a storm, winds can be strong enough to tear the branches off nearby trees. These branches are the number one cause for shingle breakage, cracks, and dislodgement. Even if your roofing contractor has done a stellar job installing your roof, accidents can still occur, especially during periods of unpredictable weather. You can lessen this risk by having nearby trees trimmed or moved to a place away from your roof.

Clean Your Gutters

Blocked gutters and downspouts can be a source of pooling water problems in many roofing systems. This is a recurring yet preventable problem during the rainy season. Moreover, it can also cause the formation of dangerous ice dams in winter time. Clean your gutters of any potential obstruction at least once every spring and fall, or use a gutter protection system so your gutters are kept safe from clogging.

Address Problems Immediately

Neglecting the troubles caused by a recent storm can lead to premature residential roof replacement. As soon as the storm has passed, contact your local roofers for an inspection and repairs right away. Doing so can prevent the problems from becoming worse in the future.

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by Denise Bart March 04, 2020
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