3 Ways to Prevent Winter Roof Damage

Winter offers the harshest weather conditions that our roofs have to withstand. Its high winds and ice are especially damaging if precautions are not taken. Read on as residential roof replacement expert Colorado Roof Toppers discusses three simple steps any homeowner can take to prevent winter moisture damage.

1. Inspect the Roof

Doing a periodic inspection of the roof twice a year is ideal. Do one during the fall season to schedule minor roof repairs as a pre-winter check up. Inspecting one's roof is discouraged for safety purposes. Instead, schedule it with a professional who is trained for fall prevention and who uses safety harnesses while doing the inspection. The roofer must check for loose tiles, shingles and flashings, loose chimney caps and vent covers.

2. Clean the Roof

Clearing the roof, gutters and downspouts is a must before winter. This service can also be done by a professional roofing contractor. Leaves and other debris will most likely impede the water from draining properly. We know that when there's moisture build-up, then mold, mildew and roof damage are next. Water-test your roof drains to ensure that everything is working well.

3. Trim the Nearby Trees

There will surely be leaves and twigs that will land on your roof or gutters during the fall season. Try to check not just the trees, but your surroundings for anything that can potentially go on your roof during the storm season. The key is to prevent anything that may hold moisture and potentially create ice dams that damage the roof.

For more ways to protect your roof from winter damage or other roofing needs such as seamless gutter installation, get in touch with Colorado Roof Toppers and see how we can help. Call us at (303) 622-0305 or (303) 622-0305 for a free estimate. We serve Fort Collins, CO.

by Denise Bart December 06, 2019
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