How Can Hail Cause Carbon Monoxide Leaks in a Home?

According to many residential roofing contractors, the Colorado area is a hot spot for hail-related damage. Some may be purely cosmetic, but other damage can pose a serious threat to residents themselves. Visibly, hail damage on roof looks like dings and dents, discolorations or even softball-size penetrating the roof. This solid precipitation may last for only a few minutes, but it can deal considerable damage to property and consequently, endanger the lives of residents. In this post, Colorado Roof Toppers discusses one particularly dangerous problem and what you can do about it.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

One of the more serious effects of hail is when it damages your roof vents. Flue pipes for furnaces, water heaters, stoves and other gas appliances run through the walls and into the attic and out through the roof. When this connection is tampered with or dislodged, gas leaks can occur. Carbon monoxide can end up trapped in your home, and exposure to it may merit a trip to the emergency room or worse. Vents are placed to ensure dangerous gases end up outside.

To be safe, after a storm, have your roofing contractor inspect everything, from your seamless gutters to the venting exits on the roof. Ensure that there's no blockage or any debris. If you find a puncture, do not use household tape to patch it up. Call an HVAC technician to handle the job of patching and inspecting the venting caps afterwards.

Preventing the damage caused by hail storms or similar weather conditions is possible with the right roofing products. Call on your trusted residential roofing contractor for an in-depth assessment. If you're keen on a roof replacement, consider getting products that are hail-resistant especially for areas that are hail-prone.

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by Denise Bart December 13, 2019
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