Why A+ Ratings With the BBB Matters to Homeowners

A residential roof replacement is one of the biggest home improvement projects any homeowner might take on. Between finding the right roofing contractors, arranging a proper schedule and setting aside a budget, there is a lot that goes into this important undertaking. Therefore, it makes sense to trust only companies with a long and clean history of customer satisfaction.

The challenge, however, is finding a good contractor among the hundreds, possibly thousands, of candidates returned by a quick search on the internet. Thankfully, the Better Business Bureau helps customers in their search using their BBB Rating System. Let our experts at Colorado Roof Toppers explain what you can expect in contracting an A+ rated roofing company.

Due Diligence Made Easy

A roofing contractor with an A+ rating must maintain strict adherence to all related licensing and certification requirements. This protects you as a customer from any potential fly-by-night operations and their tactics. The BBB Rating System also keeps track of any government action taken against companies and their resolution, if there are any.

Transparency and Honesty

Roofing companies are required to always be honest about the products and services they offer, as well as their pricing practices. Their public information such as physical location, telephone numbers and other contact information are also made to be available in case a customer wants to be in touch.

Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

Lastly, the BBB also takes any customer complaints made about roofing companies into consideration. The bureau expects these companies to address these complaints and factors in their response to the BBB rating. While this is not a guarantee for customer satisfaction, it helps reassure homeowners that in case there are issues with their roof replacement or installation, they can count on their professionals to help them out.

At Colorado Roof Toppers, our roofing experts are rated highly with the BBB so you can be sure you're getting excellent service every time. Give us a call at (720) 378-1901 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate today. Being located in Berthoud, CO, we serve homeowners from Fort Collins, to Erie, and all other nearby areas in CO.

by Denise Bart September 07, 2020