Damaging Debris: 3 Worst Offenders for Your Roof

Roofs are durable enough to protect your home from common debris like small branches, stones and sleet, but in some cases, unexpected objects could make a crash landing on your roofing system. When something lands on your roof, be sure to contact a reliable roofing contractor right away to assess the damage and figure out ways to repair it.

Roof damage may cause several issues, including a threat to structural integrity and mold growth. Being aware of common debris to land on your roof can help you prepare for the worst. Colorado Roof Toppers discusses three of them here.

  • Hail : Severe hailstorms can cause extreme damage on roofs such as shingle cracks and punctures, allowing water to freely seep through your shingles and into your foundation. Additionally, they can wear down your roof's material, which can result in premature deterioration. When a hailstorm occurs in your area, it's smart to schedule a roofing inspection immediately to catch small problems before they become more serious.
  • Man-made objects : Man-made items that soar through the air can also cause damage to your shingles. Remote-control planes and drones are just some of the flying objects that can dangerously land on your roof. Shards of glass, pieces of masonry and other household items thrown by the wind are also some of the most damaging debris your roof may catch.
  • Fallen leaves : While they may seem harmless at first, fallen leaves can accumulate over time and begin clogging your gutters. When this happens, water may overflow to your siding and eventually penetrate your walls and ceiling.

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by Denise Bart November 06, 2020