3 Things to Look for in a Good Asphalt Shingle Roof

Planning to replace your old roofing system? There are many important considerations to think about when choosing a material to install. As one of the most functional and cost-effective roofing materials today, asphalt shingles are among the top choices of homeowners when it comes to roof replacement.

Whether you're getting a new roof for increased protection against the elements or for a more beautiful home fade, your trusted residential roofing contractor shares three things to consider when getting a new asphalt shingle roof.

  • Appearance : Looking to improve your home's exterior beauty? Asphalt shingles are among the most versatile materials when it comes to design. They can complement almost any architectural style, from traditional Colonial or Mediterranean homes to modern and contemporary designs. A professional roofer can recommend the best asphalt shingle design and color for you to make the most of your investment.
  • Durability : Asphalt shingles aren't entirely made of shingles; most only have five to 35% asphalt content. The components vary by manufacturer, but many of them consist of mineral fiber and cementitious fillers. That said, they offer different levels of durability as well. Consult a trusted roofing and gutter installation company to learn the best options according to your home and environmental requirements.
  • Cost-effectiveness :  One of the biggest mistakes one can make when deciding on a roofing material is to make decisions based solely on price. Many people think that the costlier the material, the better option it is for their roof. Asphalt shingles generally costs less than others, but that doesn't make them inferior when it comes to durability, aesthetics and other aspects. They also come in different types, which means their price range varies too, so be sure to choose the most appropriate one based on your needs.

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by Denise Bart November 13, 2020