Fall Roofing Maintenance: Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Fall and winter are crucial seasons for every Colorado roofing contractor. Protecting your home and family is the number one responsibility of your roofing system and the harsher winter months can push it to its limits.

As such, preparing your roof with the best fall maintenance is essential to make sure it will last throughout the cold months ahead. Colorado Roof Toppers shares three handy roof maintenance tips you should consider this fall.

  • Clear out your gutters. Gutter cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming, but it's an extremely important chore if you want to ensure a healthy and leak-free roofing system come winter months. If gutters are not cleaned before the snow rests on your roof, moisture can seep through your attic and cause costly repairs, not to mention the potential damage it can bring to your home's foundation.
  • Trim trees surrounding your home. Emergency repairs always happen whenever overhanging trees fall and damage a house in the middle of a snowstorm. This damage can cause severe problems, but with proper trimming techniques, you can avoid a lot of this hassle. Additionally, doing this in fall or before fall hits ensures your gutters are safe from damaging leaf debris.
  • Get a pre-winter inspection. The saying, "Prevention is always better than cure" doesn't just apply to your health and well-being. It's also applicable to the condition of your roof. Scheduling an inspection before winter hits is the best form of preventive maintenance you can do. During the course of the inspection, your contractor will thoroughly examine every part of your roof to determine if you will be needing repairs or a full-blown residential roof replacement.

To make sure your roofing system is in tip-top shape this season and the next, seek the help of our roofing experts at Colorado Roof Toppers. We'll be ready to perform replacements to ensure a healthy and cozy home for years to come. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling us at (720) 378-1901 or by completing our contact form. We serve residents from Fort Collins, CO, to Erie CO, and other nearby communities.

by Denise Bart December 04, 2020