3 Interesting Reasons That Make Roof Vents Important

Roof ventilation is a vital yet sometimes overlooked component of any roofing system. It helps guarantee a healthy, long-lasting roof and a comfortable living environment, while also reducing your energy bills. Roof vents are important for all homes and buildings, especially those in areas that experience warm, wet and humid conditions. 

What makes these vents a key component of any roof? Colorado Roof Toppers, the leading provider of quality roofing and seamless gutters in the region, discusses three benefits of this roofing component.

  • Roof vents help reduce moisture. Colorado's seems dry but in the winter you attic can be quite moist. With your house shut up tight, your daily activities such as showering, running the dishwasher, and doing laundry can further increase indoor moisture. Roof vents can address and prevent this problem by promoting healthy airflow. In the end, it's best that you consider the impact of your area's climate and environment on your roof, as well as what goes on inside your home.
  • Roof vents protect your roof from the effects of weather.  Roof ventilation is a lifesaver during our hot and dry months. It keeps air flowing from the outside and into your home, making your indoor spaces cooler in the summer. Without proper ventilation, hot air can build up in your attic and cause damage to your roofing materials such as shingles as well other roofing components. Be sure that your residential roofing contractor takes care of your roof vents regularly to prevent issues especially in the summer months.
  • Roof vents help lower utility costs. Roofs can become increasingly hot, which means that your attic and the rest of your home also heats up. When this happens, homeowners with poor roof ventilation will have to crank up their cooling systems. But if your roof has vents in the right places, you can enjoy the benefits of a cooler home and, consequently, a lower energy consumption.

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by Denise Bart May 20, 2021