Why Choosing the Pros For Gutter Installation Is the Better Option

Many home improvement projects are known to be costly and difficult to execute. Regardless of the level of repair that is needed, it's always ideal to call a trained professional to have it inspected and fixed. The same is true for gutter installation. In this post, we have listed down notable reasons why you should stop doing these by yourself. 

1. You might choose the wrong type of gutter. Because you'll have more freedom in purchasing cheaper items, it's highly likely that you will select the wrong or unnecessary material for your project. Remember that there is a wide range of options from sizes, styles and gauges, which all have their benefits and drawbacks. The best materials are not available at your local home improvement center.

2. You are prone to mistakenly calculate the pitch. Although gutters look balanced, they still have a slight pitch allowing water to flow towards the downspouts. If you hire a trained gutter company, they will make sure your gutters are hung with an appropriate pitch. 

3. You might improperly install the mounting or the hanger system. Keep in mind that without the correct support, the rain gutters will sag. Not enough hangers will cause your gutters to fall off when they are full of ice.  A professional will assess how many are truly needed.

4. You can easily damage materials. Gutters are not as sturdy as other home features. They easily get dented. Should this happen, that renders that entire section useless, prompting leaks or sag further down the road.

5. You could pay double than expected. Although it would seem as if you are saving because you don't pay for the labor, this is hardly the situation. Tally up the cost of gutters, clips, hangers and downspouts and you will immediately know why.

Of course, remember that no matter how good you are at DIY work, accidents may occur. This is why leaving it only to the professionals who know exactly how to go through every step is the right thing to do.

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by Denise Bart June 04, 2021