Things You Never Want to Hear From Your Roofer

Your roof is considered the most important part of your house. That's why ensuring it's sturdy and durable is an utmost priority. Over time, you will have to call a residential roofing contractor for a thorough inspection and for maintenance. To help ensure you aren't dealing with a fake professional, here are the usual statements you need to be aware of. 

Any roofer who insists they can finish a roof inspection this quickly isn't doing the right assessment that's needed to find what has to be fixed. They should run an in-depth visual inspection of each layer and feature and provide you with a report on the status, its deficiencies and recommendations.

Similar to normal check-ups for your car, never forget to seek a second opinion if the roofer suggests a replacement. Keep in mind that, unlike old roofs, the modern ones are guaranteed to last for over a decade. However, it may require routine inspections and small repairs to maintain its best condition. A reliable contractor would always take appropriate measures to perform an analysis, then decide whether or not a replacement is essential.

Remember to always be cautious and vigilant. Reputable teams should also have valid workers' compensation and general liability insurance. It's an assurance that you will be provided coverage for property damage and protect you from losses in case an accident occurs.

Seek to always reach professionals who know exactly how to go through each work process. If you're in need of a residential roof replacement, Colorado Roof Toppers is the contractor you want on the job. For an estimate, call us at (720) 378-1901 or (970) 535-4128. You may reach us here as well. We serve clients in and around the Longmont, CO area.

by Denise Bart June 25, 2021