5 Signs You Need Roof Replacement, not Repair

When your roof shows signs of damage, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether a roof repair is entirely sufficient or if a roof replacement is more appropriate. A trusted residential roofing contractor like Colorado Roof Toppers, can help you decide which option is best for your home. 

Here are some things to consider when roof replacement is better than repair

1. Your Roof Has Reached Old Age

While roofs made of clay or metal can last for centuries, asphalt roofs generally expire within two decades. Depending on the material of your roof, you're more likely to get a matching, consistent look when you opt for a new roof altogether. If visual consistency is important to you, you'll probably want to go for a complete roof replacement if your current shingles have leaks. 

2. Not Compliant With Current Building Codes

While you can save money by having new shingles placed over faulty, pre-existing ones, some municipalities will not allow this and the manufacturers do not recommend this.   If your roof does not conform to current building code, you could run into problems in the future should you decide to sell your property. The manufacturer will often not honor the warranty if you install a new roof over an old one.

3. Your Roof Was Damaged by Natural Disaster

Another situation that can leave you with no other choice but to buy a new roof is when your house has been ravaged by a natural disaster. Some homeowners will weather local disasters but emerge with their roofs mostly intact -” or so it seems. Even if your roof is covered with one of the stronger, more durable shingles on the market, you might need to replace it if it has incurred damage in a catastrophic event.

4. Overwhelming Roof Damage

In some circumstances, a roof will be too damaged for mere repair work. Some municipalities like Longmont for example, will require you to replace the whole roof if more than 100 square feet of the roof is damaged.

5. Any Repair Work Would Only as Temporary

Even though a new roof will cost more than repair work, the difference is not always substantial. Sometimes, the difference in price is so minor that you might as well opt for roof replacement, especially if repair work would only serve as a stop-gap measure.

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by Denise Bart July 12, 2021