Biggest Reasons Why Roof Shingle Blow-Off Must Be Fixed ASAP

Did your area recently get hit by a storm? If so, then there's a good chance that your roof has suffered a problem known as shingle blow-off. This means your roof's shingles have been either partially lifted by the strong wind or completely blown completely off the roof. According to the leading roofing contractor in the area, shingle blow-offs should always be repaired immediately because of these four big reasons.

Other Shingles Could Get Compromised

Your roof's ability to withstand wind damage relies on how the surface deflects most of the wind energy away. If a few shingles are missing, the gap created by it serves as an entry point for the wind. The wind creates lift, making it more likely for even more shingles to get blown off and making the problem worse.

There's Risk of Serious Moisture Damage

Shingle blow-off can also create wide gaps on the surface where rainwater can get in. This can lead to severe moisture damage not just to the ceiling, but also to the roof's deck and the supporting structures. Roofing experts say that rainwater can also penetrate the siding and the home's columns through gaps in the roof so blow-offs have to be fixed before the next heavy rain comes.

Your Home's Efficiency Can Be Affected

Even your home's energy efficiency can also be affected by shingle blow-off. This is because the shingles also play a role in insulation by limiting the amount of heat that passes through your roof. If there are gaps in your roof's surface, it will compromise your home's roof and attic insulation, increasing the load on your HVAC which further leads to higher energy consumption.

It's Not Nice to Look At

Shingle blow-off will always ruin the look of your home. Have your home's curb appeal take a hit and you can expect your property's value to go down. Even if you are not planning on selling the property, you'd at least want to keep your home from looking deteriorated just because the roof has a few shingles out of place. Residential roof replacement experts say that even this is an important enough reason to have your roof fixed ASAP.

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by Denise Bart August 05, 2021