The Importance of Picking the Right Gutter Screws

Planning to get new gutters for your home? According to the leading residential roofing contractor, you have to pay attention to the type of gutter screws used during installation. You probably think that picking the right screws is a minor issue, but here's a quick look why it's such a crucial part of the process.

The Weight of the Matter

The most important job of gutter screws is to keep the trough and downspout from falling off. At first glance, any wood screw would be good enough to hold the gutter itself, but you also have to account for the weight of the water that a full gutter might hold. Screws that are too short might not provide enough anchorage.

Avoiding Corrosion

Gutter screws must always be made of a stainless material. This is because gutter installation should be designed with long-term performance and low maintenance in mind. If the screws are not made of copper or stainless steel, they could end up getting rusted and weak, causing them to break off at the head.

Screws or Nails?

You will occasionally find some gutters that use nails to secure the gutter trough and hangers. While it's not exactly a bad thing to use nails, Our experts recommend using screws because nails have a smooth shaft that doesn't provide as much grip as the treads found in screws. Also, removing old screws is much easier and less damaging to the fascia than removing nails.

Getting Help from Experts

You want to hire a contractor that will use the right screws for your seamless gutters. This is why we recommend hiring only certified local roofing contractors. Certified contractors have undergone training and have a good idea about what gutter screw length, material and type will work best given your home's custom gutter needs and the local area's climate.

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by Denise Bart August 19, 2021