Choosing When to Get a Full Roof Replacement

A roof that's regularly maintained effectively protects your home against the outdoor elements. Throughout its lifespan, you can expect to pay for repairs, but as it gets older, it may be better to consider a full roof replacement. And depending on the amount of damage it suffered after a recent storm, emergency repairs may not be sufficient to restore your roof to its former glory.

Knowing when to replace your roof will depend on its current condition, so a professional inspection by a trusted roofing contractor is often needed.  Our experts at the Colorado Roof Toppers, Inc. explain the considerations that determine whether a full replacement is more practical:

Roof Damage

Paying for minor repairs during roof maintenance checks can be expected if they're meant to prevent higher costs later on. But let's say that your roof suffers severe damage from a recent weather event. Extensive repairs won't always guarantee your roofing system gets fixed, which is why a full replacement is often recommended.

Roof Lifespan

Your roofing system might go through most of its expected lifespan without experiencing any heavy storms or other severe weather events. But even if your roof was also managed properly by a professional contractor, it won't stop its aging. If you're thinking of getting a replacement, make sure to check your roof's age first.

Depending on the materials used on your roof, it can last at least 25 years (for asphalt shingles) or more than 50 years (for metal and slate). Make sure you have records of your roof's history to know the exact date of when your roof was last replaced. It will help you determine its warranty as well as how many years it has left.

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by Denise Bart October 14, 2021