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Why CertainTeed? With quality standards that are leading the industry, you can not go wrong with CertainTeed. CertainTeed is dedicated to continually improving its products and developing roofing technology so that your home is better protected, safer, and more comfortable.

We can and will install shingles made by different manufacturers, but we prefer to use CertainTeed. When we install CertainTeed shingles, we are able to offer you better support if you were to ever have a problem with your roof because we are certified as a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster. In addition to that, only a certified CertainTeed contractor can offer homeowners an enhanced warranty through CertainTeed.

CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster

We are proud to be a SELECT ShingleMaster with CertainTeed. It is the highest level of contractor certification that CertainTeed offers for residential roofing contractors. In our opinion, it is the best and highest certification a residential roofing contractor can obtain from any of the manufacturers. Having been certified over the years at different times by all the major manufacturers, we know what each manufacturer requires for certification. Many of the certifications are obtained by selling a certain volume of roofing and purchasing a "membership." CertainTeed's program is not like that. It requires a lot of effort to obtain and truly shows that a roofing contractor is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible installation they can.

We also like that with CertainTeed it is not just our company that is certified, but our installers are individually certified as well. Our installers have to each go through training and an examination to prove they know how to correctly install a roof. Every two years they have to be re-certified.

In addition to Colorado Roof Toppers installers going through certification, Scott and Denise as supervisors, have both gone through the installation certification. CertainTeed also requires that as business owners, they pass an examination that shows that they know how to run a business. CertainTeed wants to be sure that the roofing contractors that represent CertainTeed are not fly-by-night companies.

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