When you’re having new gutters installed in your home, it’s never recommended that you DIY the installation process. This is because doing so can leave you open to costly mistakes, especially if you’re inexperienced. With that in mind, it’s always best that you enlist the services of professionals to get the job done. After all, they follow a few set practices to install gutters in their homes. But what exactly are these practices?

In this article, gutter installation pros of Colorado Roof Toppers list the four best gutter installation practices that professionals follow.

  1. Use Screws to Install Downspouts - One practice that professional gutter installers always follow when installing gutters for clients is using screws to install downspouts instead of the standard rivets. That way, homeowners or the gutter cleaning professionals they hire can have an easier time removing the downspout when they need to clean it.
  1. Use a Material List - Using a material list is another practice that a professional gutter and residential roofing contractor will always follow. That way, they can ensure that everything they need will be properly loaded into their truck, saving you and them a lot of time and money by not forgetting anything.
  1. Cut Out the Downspout Outlet - Cutting out the downspout outlet instead of using a small section that already has an outlet installed is a practice that gutter installers follow to make their work look neater. This is because such a practice eliminates the two seams often seen in your downspouts, giving it a much more finished look.
  1. Join the Sections on the Ground - Finally, they’ll also usually join the sections of the gutter from the ground level instead of doing it high up in the air. The reason for this is because not only will this make the job easier for them but it’ll also minimize the risks of injuries when they’re installing it.

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