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Our residential roofing programs include a number of common procedures specifically designed to help homeowners increase the longevity of their buildings. Here are some of the services you'll be treated to during your roof project.

The process begins with an estimate. Our owner will personally assess your home and determine what work needs to be completed. You'll receive a job proposal at the same time, and you're free to make your decision.

We install completely new roofing systems that help people improve the value of their homes. These systems are sourced from a single manufacturer and made in the United States. As a result, they can be custom designed to fit specific buildings and incorporate energy-efficiency features that help families meet their household utility goals.

Many of our customers require roof repairs following storm damage from hail and high winds. For these specialty jobs, we begin by performing in-depth assessments of the existing damage and documenting evidence for insurance purposes. Then, we remove the remains of the old roofing and deal with any material defects we discover. From here, the process is much the same as how our new roof installations play out; we build up the roofing layer by layer, cleaning the debris that we create as we go.

Because we focus on one job at a time, we're able to minimize the environmental exposure that your building sustains while it's unprotected. Close oversight by our owner also ensures we rarely have extra charges.

Our firm is well-versed in the installation and repair of common roofing fixtures such as composite shingles and metal roofing, but we also offer a number of alternatives. For instance, we routinely install cool roof systems and green or recycled building materials.

After we complete each installation, we hold off on asking for compensation until the work has been inspected. This process generally requires a minimal amount of time, but it's extremely thorough, and it helps us ensure that we've done our best work.

The overall cost and duration of your residential roofing project depends on numerous factors such as your home's size and condition. Nonetheless, most of the jobs we do are completed in compliance with typical homeowner scheduling constraints, and our estimates are extremely accurate.

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