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Gutter installations can be confusing to property owners who are bewildered by the wide range of available options. This quick breakdown of how we perform gutter work at Colorado Roof Toppers will make it easier to understand the process.

Our gutter installations begin with exact measurements of your home or office. Because we custom cut each gutter to fit your building precisely, we take great care to be extremely thorough during these initial assessment and planning stages. At this time, we'll also diligently take note of special drainage requirements and offset dimensions, so we can reduce the likelihood that rainwater will wash away the soil close to your home.

Unlike many installers, we actually build our own gutters onsite to match your property. Using a rolling machine and sheets of 26-gauge steel, we carefully form K-style gutters that fit the exact specifications of your job, including overall size as well as expected fluid drainage volumes. By working with steel instead of aluminum, we create a stronger building product that generally lasts longer when confronted with rain, hail and seasonal freezes.

If you have old gutters that require removal, we generally try to perform this work just before the installation of the new gutters. Scheduling work in this fashion ensures that you don't run the risk of getting caught in a sudden storm with no gutters at all.

Once all the gutters are formed properly, we hang them on your home or office using invisible mounts that improve the overall appearance of your installation. We generally place the hangers at 24-inch intervals; this minimizes the amount of weight-induced sagging that your gutters experience as they contend with buildups, and it also ensures that the weight of the gutters themselves is always distributed evenly across your building's fascia.

After we've completed the installation, we'll generally perform an inspection to ensure that the gutters function properly and that they've been installed securely. Our rainwater management products are warrantied for a 25-year period, and they come with four decades' worth of color guarantees. Although our installs and repairs do require some time, the fact that we do everything on site allows us to complete the work without causing a major disturbance or leaving a huge mess in our wake.

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