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At Colorado Roof Toppers, we provide a wide range of professional services to residential property owners, commercial facilities, hospitals and government stewards. While many of our customers find us because they want to upgrade their properties, we're equally experienced with repairs and cosmetic improvements alike. Here are some of the major services we offer:

Most of our work involves residential roofing, but we don't simply make spot repairs or partial replacements. Instead, we typically furnish homes with complete roof systems that have been crafted by a single domestic manufacturer.

Our approach to securing project assets from a single source makes it easier to provide consumers with quality building materials that work well together once installed. In addition, it also allows us to offer leak proof guarantees that are good for more than two decades and 150-mph wind damage warranties.

We employ an established installation process that helps us maintain stringent quality controls and reduce project time requirements. After removing the current roof and assessing the material conditions of the underlying building materials, our workers add and secure new components from the bottom upwards. We'll make repairs and correct outstanding problems before placing high-quality roof underlayments, starter shingles, moisture barriers, vents, protective flashing and other fixtures that allow your roof to survive environmental stresses.

Gutter installations are some of the most common auxiliary services we provide. Contrary to the way many installers operate, however, we forgo typical aluminum gutters in favor of superior 26-gauge steel versions. While these fixtures require more skill to install successfully, they don't bend under the weight of ice, and they resist other environmental factors such as corrosion and UV degradation.

Because we custom manufacture our gutters onsite, we're able to improve the appearance of homes and businesses with seamless installations. Taking the fabrication process into our own hands also ensures that we can customize the placement of downspouts and drainage tiles to prevent subsequent erosion of the foundation.

After we've completed the fabrication process, we install our K-style gutters using hidden hangers. Once placed, these fixtures are guaranteed for 25 years, and their color treatments are guaranteed for 40 years.

Of course, we're not merely content to limit ourselves to residential roofing and gutters. We also install luxury fixtures such as skylights and energy-efficient green roofing products. We commonly help homeowners match custom plans as well as save on building upkeep and utility costs.

Finally, our comprehensive repair experience allows us to troubleshoot tricky problems with attic ventilation, flashing and mysterious leaks. We also offer consultations to property owners on dealing with insurance claims and planning damage restoration.

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