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The type of roofing used on a property and its maintenance will determine how well it reduces energy bills and stays in good condition over the years. By far, the most common roofing cover is the fiberglass asphalt shingle. The reason for its popularity is that it's the most affordable material and provides durability for most of a homeowner's lifetime. For a home that is intended to be passed down from generation to generation, slate or ceramic tiles may be a better choice. These materials can last hundreds of years and are sometimes naturally more energy efficient than asphalt. The initial investment in tiles is considerably larger than the cost of a shingle roof, and a home must be designed to use tiles due to the differences in installing tiles and shingles.

A Loveland roofing contractor should be a specialist in shingle roof installations. A well executed roofing project improves a home's energy performance. It also provides protection from weather, and it increases the home's overall value. In addition to tiles and shingles, many residential buildings also have metal roofs, which can also last for a very long time if properly cared for.

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Metal roofs are used for storage buildings and other outlying structures near homes with shingle or tile roofs. A metal roof can be made more energy efficient by painting it with light colored or special reflective paint. Metal can also be used to make organic shingle roofs more fire resistant. When a base layer of aluminum is laid down under an upper layer of wood or pulp based asphalt shingles, it raises their fire safety rating from Class C to Class A.

The American Society for Testing Materials provides ratings for various properties of shingles and classifies them according to style and performance characteristics. Good quality shingles are resistant to rain, ice, hail, UV light and algae. These qualities determine how long shingles will last and what type of warranty is available for them. Light colored shingles can also reflect, rather than absorb, heat from the sun, reducing indoor temperatures. This quality is desirable in areas of the country where cooling bills are higher than heating bills, but it can also reduce a home's capacity for passive heating in areas with cold winters. Because tiles are often light colored, they naturally keep homes cool in the summer, and on site chemical treatments can improve their energy performance. There are no treatments available for asphalt shingles, and new shingles must be installed to make roofs energy efficient.

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