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Buying and selling a home or business embroils you in a whirlwind of activity, a pile of paperwork and an overabundance of details to remember. During this time, the building's roof warranty is probably the last thing on your mind, but it can be worth thousands of dollars to the new property owners if it's handled correctly

If you had your property when it was re-roofed, your Loveland roofing contractor probably gave you the warranty paperwork covering your new roof. If you followed up on that paperwork, you registered your information and warranty with your roof's manufacturer, filed the paperwork and possibly promptly forgot all about it.

Now that you're selling your property, that warranty paperwork is an important piece of the transfer of your property. It can be a selling point if the policy is still active and transferable, and it should be handed over to your property's purchasers when escrow closes.

For home roof warranties, it would seem natural that the warranty stays with the roof. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not allow roof warranties to be transferred between owners when a property is sold. Although an increasing number of roof warranties are transferable, many contain a number of restrictions, limitations and requirements that sellers and buyers should be aware of.

Most major roof manufacturers now allow the warranty to transfer to a new owner once without charging a transfer fee.

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Some place time limits on the transfer. For example, one roofing manufacturer only allows the warranty to change hands if the property is sold within five years after the roof in installed. In others, the age of the roof figures into the warranty's potential benefit. One company extends the warranty's full coverage if the property is sold within 20 years, but if the property is sold after that time, the new owner only receives pro-rated warranty coverage for two


Most transferable policies require the new owners to notify the roof manufacturer in writing within 30 or 60 days of escrow closing. Many companies are simplifying this process by providing an online transfer form.

Commercial roof warranties are more frequently restrictive and cumbersome. If the warranties are transferable, they usually require a transfer fee and roof inspection before the transfer is recognized. If any problems are discovered during the inspection, it must be repaired according to the manufacturer's requirements. Some even require the new owners to repair the roof to its original condition before the warranty can be transferred.

Considering the wide range of residential and commercial warranty transfer requirements, it pays to read and know your policy, whether or not you are planning to sell your property in the near future.

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