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If you're planning to replace your roof's gutter, you'll find yourself having to decide between a sectional and seamless gutter system. For a long time, sectional gutters were the only type available. Gutters were sold in pieces, and they were designed so that you could arrange them in one long string on the edge of your roof. Sealant was used to attach the pieces together. The advantage of this system was that the pieces could be mass produced since they could be arranged and sealed together to fit any size home.

Today, Loveland roofing contractors often recommend seamless gutters over standard sectional ones. Seamless gutters offer the option of a custom-made gutter crafted from a single piece of aluminum. Of course, seamless gutters aren't completely seamless; when a gutter curves around a corner, it needs to have seams on both sides of the corner. However, the majority of the gutter is one single length of metal from one end to the other.

Seamless gutters are widely known to be superior to traditional sectional gutters. Their main advantage is that they minimize leaks. In a sectional gutter, even properly sealed seams will start to wear away and fail as the years go by. This allows water to leak out of your gutter system and possibly damage your foundation.

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Gutters with seams are also more difficult to clean. At the bottom of the gutter, the seams can cause ridges, allowing water to back up and debris to accumulate. Blockages, which can result in damage to your home, are more common with sectional gutters because of these ridges. Seamless gutters are both easier to clean and less likely to get clogged.

While seamless gutters offer many benefits to homeowners, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before you schedule an installation. Sectional gutters can be easy enough for some homeowners to install on their own. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, require professional installation in every case. Because they are custom made, seamless gutters are also significantly more expensive. Most homeowners find that the function and convenience of these gutters easily justifies the investment.

Many gutter materials are available to homeowners who choose sectional gutters. Seamless gutters, in contrast, are only made of aluminum. The aluminum used for seamless gutters comes in a range of thicknesses. Be sure to choose primary aluminum over secondary aluminum; primary aluminum is known to be thicker and more consistent than secondary aluminum, which may be less expensive.

It's clear that seamless gutters are an appealing choice for homeowners who are planning to replace their gutter system. Discuss your options with a qualified roofing contractor, and see if seamless gutters are the right choice for your home.

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