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Installing a new roof can be a dangerous job. Falling from a roof or ladder is the most obvious hazard, but electrical wires and even power tools can pose serious risks to do-it-yourselfers. Following safety procedures can help minimize these risks and make the project more likely to run smoothly and safely. Safety mistakes made during a roofing job can have grave consequences, including serious injury or death. If you have any doubt about your ability to do the job safely, it's best to call a Loveland roofing contractor to handle the project.

While falls can't be prevented completely, there are ways to reduce the risk of slipping while on a roof. For example, you should stay away from the roof when it's wet, and make sure you always wear boots with good traction when doing roofing work. If the roof has a particularly steep pitch, it worthwhile to use safety equipment like a harness or net. A helmet should be worn at all times; in the event of a fall, wearing a helmet can prevent serious brain injury.

Not all falls occur on a roof. Falls from ladders are all too common, but many can be prevented. Be sure to set up your ladder on solid, level ground. Secure the ladder with a brace, or tie it off at the top. Ladders should also be extended far enough past the eave or landing to provide a good place to grab when you move from the ladder to the roof.

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Nearby electrical wires should be treated with caution. The electricity from these wires can jump several feet to a ladder, so it's important to use a ladder made of wood or some other non-conducting material. Keep metal roofing materials, such as flashing, far away from electrical wires. Before the roofing project begins, it's best to call your local power company to inspect your wires and see if they need insulation.

Some of the tools used for roofing work can be a weapon in the wrong hands. A pneumatic power gun, for example, requires multiple safety precautions. Even a hammer carries the risk of eye injury from flying nails, so it's wise to wear eye protection while using the tool. Utility knives are razor-sharp and can cause serious injury. It's important to always cut away from your body to reduce the risk of accidental cuts and punctures.

Roofing may be hazardous work, but there are ways to make the job at least somewhat safer. These safety guidelines may seem like a bit of a hassle, but can prevent serious injuries or even death. Don't take chances with your health and safety: Always call a professional if you change your mind and decide you need help with a roofing project.

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