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Keeping a roof in great condition over the years requires annual inspections and repairs at the sign of any significant issues such as leaks or sagging of the roofing material. What may not be so obvious for keeping the roof in great shape is getting an inspection done after a storm. If a home just went through a storm with heavy wind and rain, the weather could have damaged the roof. Knowing which common roofing problems to look out for helps make it easier for a homeowner to know if they need repair work done by a Loveland roofing company.

If any shingles have gone missing or the roof has sheets that appear damaged, it could be a sign that the wind has torn them off. Not only can this lead to stability problems with the roof, but it can also be bringing down the property value of the house. Luckily, taking care of this kind of restoration work should be easy since all that will need to be done is replacing the shingles or sheets.

Leaks can be unpleasant to deal with inside a home, and they are commonly discovered after a heavy storm due to wind damage. Instead of allowing a leak to continue, causing problems for the interior, a homeowner should get it taken care of as soon as possible.

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Unattended to leaks can lead to moisture, which results in mildew and mold growing inside of the home.

Another sign that the roof needs to be inspected by a professional roofing company is if any branches, dirt or rocks have been found in the gutters or downspout. Not only can debris obstruct water flow from the roof in a rainstorm, but it could also be a sign that the roof was damaged in the storm. The homeowner could be putting themselves in danger by climbing on the roof on their own, making professional help the best option.

Dents in the gutters, flashing and other parts of the roof may seem like a cosmetic issue, but it could lead to other problems arising over the years. Getting the dents corrected can be as simple as replacing a small section of a gutter or getting the entire flashing replaced due to the damage.

With the numerous cosmetic and functional damage that can be done to a roof after a heavy storm, it's best to rely on the help of a licensed roofing company.

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