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Maintaining your home may seem challenging as you tend to a variety of systems and issues. However, it's important to recognize that concerns like faulty portions of your roofing system can become serious problems if they aren't diagnosed and corrected in their early stages. Working with Loveland roofing professionals to schedule annual maintenance provides the opportunity to extend the life of your existing system while allowing you to limit your risk for serious problems.

There are several maintenance tasks that can be completed easily by a professional. For example, post-storm inspection should include a visual evaluation to note any loose shingles or other problems. Gutters may need to be cleared after a windstorm, particularly in the fall. Consider installing a gutter shield to keep leaves from causing water in the gutter to be inhibited from flowing out. Faded paint on your fascia can be addressed through a repainting effort. Dust and debris should also be removed from vented soffits. These efforts ensure that your system provides optimum protection and that your materials last longer.

A professional inspection allows for both visible and unseen elements of your roofing system to be evaluated. Your contractor may notice that granules are missing from your shingles, an indication of system aging that may require re-roofing. Additionally, areas of moss or algae growth may be noted.

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These materials tend to develop in moist environments, a sign that there may be water damage or puddle problems on your roof. Spongy areas of the roof may confirm the existence of water damage as well.

Your roofing professional may also inspect the attic side of the roofing system, evaluating signs of leaks or other problems. Some roofers also provide insulation services, and your yearly maintenance visit is an excellent time to discuss your insulation levels and the potential need for supplemental material. Take advantage of the time slot by asking questions about radiant barriers and other energy-efficient solutions for enhancing the performance of your roof. Your contractor can provide you with information about the latest developments in the roofing industry that will allow you to optimize your home's energy performance.

While annual maintenance is ideal, many homeowners are unaware of the importance of roof inspections. If you've never had a routine inspection, it may be wise to invest in a thorough evaluation to develop an understanding of issues like the lifespan of your roofing materials. This can be followed by less intensive inspections in subsequent years. Developing a professional relationship with your roofing company will allow you to maintain your system more efficiently in coming years.

Although maintenance of your roof isn't mandated, it's a sensible decision based on the need to protect one of your most important investments, your home. You may want to do your own inspection initially, but the knowledge of a roofing professional is critical for catching underlying issues with your system.

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