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If you are concerned about your home's energy costs, you may pay close attention to your heating and cooling system as you look for ways to cut your usage. However, your roofing system provides you with an important point of consideration because of the role it can play in your home's heat gain. In fact, working with Loveland roofing professionals can provide you with roofing solutions that can trim as much as 15 percent from your heating and cooling costs.

The materials on your roof are directly affected by environmental conditions, and solar energy promotes heat gain. As your roofing system heats, the energy is transferred by convection into the attic. Although your attic insulation limits the amount of heating energy transferred throughout the home, it isn't a perfect barrier. The quality of your insulation plays a critical role in the movement of heat into your residence. A roofing professional can evaluate your insulation to determine whether your R-value is sufficient based on your structure and your climate conditions.

While some homeowners update insulation on their own, it's always important to consider the need for proper spacing between the material and electric fixtures or other mechanical equipment in the area. It's important to maintain some breathing space above the insulation and below the roof to limit issues with mold or overheating of the roof.

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If your roof overheats, the life of your shingles and other components of the system can be affected, leading to more frequent repair and replacement potential.

Radiant barrier products have been developed to assist in limiting the heat gain in a home. The use of an aluminum film makes it possible to reflect solar energy back away from the structure. Additionally, a reflective surface that faces an air space emits little heat. Installing a radiant barrier in your attic can enhance your home's energy performance while extending the life of your roof. The material can be placed directly on top of insulation, but it can also be stapled to the rafters above the material. While some homeowners consider this to be a DIY project, it may be more efficient to work with a roofing contractor to ensure proper placement with minimal material waste.

Ventilation is critical for limiting overheating of the roof as well. In addition to decreasing the life of your roofing system, an overheated roof can lead to ice dams that can facilitate water damage. It's important to maintain a healthy balance between air flowing into the attic and air moving out of the area.

Your understanding of the manner in which your roofing system and attic work together to protect your home can be helpful as you plan for roofing repairs or updates. A combination of attic insulation and home sealing can trim nearly 10 percent from your home's energy budget. Adding cool roofing solutions and radiant barrier can increase these savings even more. Consulting with a professional can provide ideal solutions for your home.

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