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As you inspect your roof from time to time during the year, you may notice issues that seem to warrant attention. In some cases, the issues are minor, requiring only minimal efforts to fix the problem. On other occasions, you may encounter significant damage that warrants professional attention. Severe damage or degradation of your roofing system may require a complete overhaul by Loveland roofing specialists.

Your shingles provide the most important clue to the potential need to replace your roof. One or two damaged or missing shingles may not seem serious. However, multiple shingles displaying curling, bare spots or buckling could indicate underlying problems. Additionally, it's important to remember that shingles have a limited lifespan. If you weren't in the home when the roofing system was installed, you may be surprised by the issue. However, a system that was in place for years before you bought the home will only provide a limited life of service as you reside in the structure.

You might consider replacing just a few faulty shingles. However, the replacement of these roofing components may also entail dealing with damaged underlayment. An inspection by a professional is advisable if you are noticing significant levels of damage to your shingles. This will allow for a realistic assessment of the extent of the problem.

If your roofing damage involves the trim, you may be able to make do with a basic update of the area. Fascia can fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and snow.

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You may be able to freshen the look of the area while protecting the materials by using a weatherproof paint. However, damage due to rot may require the replacement of the trim. If the damage is minimal, you may be able to match the materials and complete the repair on your own.

More extensive damage may require a higher level of skill in repairing the trim. At the same time, you may find that the damage extends to the soffits that span the area between the wall and the trim. Because soffits often play a role in attic ventilation, it's important to consult with a professional about appropriate materials for a significant repair project. Your roofing professional can work efficiently to update both fascia and soffits, making it prudent to consider this route if there is a lot of wear or rot in these components of your roofing system.

Many homeowners dread the idea of having to make a major system replacement. However, there is a risk in ignoring the need to replace system components or an entire roof because of the extended exposure of your structure to the impact of the elements. Regular inspections of your system can help in limiting the impact of minor compromises in your materials, and working with a roofing expert as needed can provide you with access to the latest information and services to protect your roof.

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