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Proper insulation in the home is vital to not only establishing a comfortable environment, but also making sure that homeowners save on their energy bills. When the home is poorly insulated, individuals risk losing a significant amount of potential heat and cooling. This forces their HVAC systems to work harder to keep the room at a desirable temperature, which not only costs them money in the overall energy spent, but also wears down the life of the unit. If the HVAC system is working more than it needs to, there are greater risks of wear and tear to the sensitive machinery inside its chassis.

Loveland roofing experts performed studies that showed that homeowners may lose anywhere between 10 to 15 percent of their home's heat through the roof and attic area. Without proper insulation, there is also a significant risk of structural damage to the home's interior. In the summer, moisture can become trapped in the attic, spreading and growing as the heat rises and cool air fails to prevent the growth of mold. Though these are relatively small changes, they can make a big difference to the home's indoor air quality, especially as the HVAC system circulates the air throughout the home.

When homeowners invest in efficient insulation and energy saving equipment, it is possible to actually save money because the air will be kept inside of the home as desired.

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Professionals will encourage homeowners to consider the R value of their roof, focusing on the installation of energy efficient insulation in order to better trap heat and cool air. All insulation levels in the home are specified by the R value. This is a numerical measurement used to describe the insulation's ability to resist heat as it travels through the structure. Homeowners should look for higher R values; the higher the number, the better the performance of the insulation.

Roofing specialists can help homeowners identify their insulation needs. While it may be tempting to simply invest in the highest R value products, a lot of other things may factor into the equation. Homeowners should consider their available budget, the estimated requirements according to the size and space in the attic, the most optimal use of an air barrier system and whether the attic can accommodate such a system. Sometimes, purchasing the most intensive R value system may not be recommended for the home if the individual does not spend much time at home or the weather is too mild year round to cause trouble.

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