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Improving the efficiency of your roof while adding a little pizazz to its appearance is simple with a host of cool gadgets, accessories and mobile apps. Blending technology and artistry, today's roof accessories offer a wide range of options to suit every need, preference, style and budget.

You were probably very careful to work with your Loveland roofing contractor to select a roof that both functions well and complements your home's architectural style. That same consideration should be given to your roof's less obvious but equally important implements such as downspouts and gutters. Your roof wouldn't work well at shedding water if the gutters and downspouts weren't there to guide water away from your home, but these roof components don't have to look utilitarian to serve their purposes.

The marketplace is overflowing with engaging and beautiful downspouts that are as functional as they are decorative. Artistically formed rain cups, shining copper downspouts and nature-inspired downspout end caps are just the beginning of the innovative drain concepts that can enhance your home's curb appeal. Some homeowners even have custom downspouts made from sculptures, small working water wheels and elaborate systems that actually play music when water passes through them.

For those more concerned with function than form, there are plenty of accessories that make your gutters and downspouts more maintenance-free. Hinged gutter guards protect your gutters from filling with leaves and debris. And, when the guards need to be cleaned, it's as easy as lifting the hinged guard.

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Splash guards beneath your downspouts are also handy, keeping deluges of water from harming your surrounding landscaping and splashing up onto your walls.

Even accessories that only serve an aesthetic purpose are important to the look of your roof. Decorative roof brackets allow you to put our own creative stamp on your home relatively inexpensively. From finely carved wooden brackets to replica resin brackets, these elements help to blend your roof and exterior together in one harmonious design. Other attractive embellishments include finials and ornamental roof "crestings" along the roof's ridge lines.

Once you have the visual and functional accessories in place, advanced technology can help you protect your roof and make it more efficient with mobile applications. Homeowners in areas that receive large amounts of snowfall appreciate the mobile app that monitors the amount of snow on the roof. The app sends text messages to the homeowner when the roof has too much snow and needs to be cleared. Similarly, commercial roof maintenance staff members can use roof manufacturer apps that monitor roof conditions and link the consumer to manufacturers' manuals, guidelines and best-practice information.

Choosing a roof doesn't stop with selecting shingles or tiles or membranes. Making the most of your roof and your home's style also involves the little touches that can improve efficiency and design.

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