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Installing a metal roof is one of the most economically sound decisions a homeowner can make today. Available in copper, tin, steel and aluminum, metal roofing's popularity is rising within the United States. Often seen on commercial buildings, homeowners are beginning to make the switch due to its durability, low maintenance cost and lengthy lifespan. While a metal roof will cost more than asphalt shingles, some of the cost can be recovered if the existing roof is in fair condition.

One of the advantages of installing a metal roof is that a Loveland roofing expert can often lay it over the top of the existing roof. That saves the expense of having to tear off the old shingles and have them hauled away. However, the sheaths, rafters and insulation need to be in good condition. While a metal roof is lightweight and won't require reinforcing like slate or clay tiles, the roof's structure needs to be sound in order to overlay the existing roof with a new metal layer. If the insulation is moldy or the structure is crumbling and rotted from excess moisture, that will have to be repaired or replaced first.

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs. Whether homeowners are looking for a smooth or textured roof, the rustic look of copper or something that resembles cedar or slate, they won't have to sacrifice durability for style.

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Options will also allow homeowners to mix colors to make their roof uniquely their own.

A metal roof is easy to install, fire and wind resistant, holds up to hail and heavy rain, and is environmental friendly. When properly coated, they resist mold and mildew. Reflective metals will also reflect the sun's heat back into the atmosphere rather than absorbing the sun's rays. That feature can cut power bills in the summer by as much as 10 percent or more. Although they are low maintenance, it doesn't release homeowners from a yearly inspection since the flashing needs to be maintained as well as the chimney or any dormers. If the home has a skylight, the seals around the window need to be regularly checked as well.

Due to the durability and lengthy life of a metal roof, installing one can greatly increase the resale value of the home. That's important if the home is being used as an investment, rather than a place to call home after retirement. In addition, a metal roof will offer loads of curb appeal as well as long term economic benefits.

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