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Consumers in the market for a new home often look for bright and airy spaces with lots of natural light. Homeowners sometimes feel limited in the amount of extra light that they can add to an existing space, but there is a great option to bring the natural sunlight in and brighten a room: A professionally installed skylight.

In addition to natural sunlight during the day, homeowners also benefit from their view of the stars and moon at night. A well placed skylight can minimize the need for indoor lighting, reducing the frequency and cost of replacing light bulbs. Skylights are also frequently used for ventilation.

An improperly installed skylight can cause more harm than good. It's extremely important to select a qualified Loveland roofing contractor who specializes in the proper placement and installation of quality skylight products. A qualified contractor will install the skylight in such a way that it will not result in drafts, leaks during rainy or snowy weather, or the excessive loss of heated or cooled air.

It is important to select a contractor for the project with experience installing skylights. Homeowners can ask for references and consider the recommendations of friends, family and neighbors. A contractor with a knowledge of the complete roofing system will ensure that the installation is structurally sound and professionally installed and sealed.

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When selecting a skylight, look for the Energy Star label. According to the EPA, Energy Star certified windows, doors and skylights could reduce a homeowner's energy bills by an average of 12 percent. The resulting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the home's shrinking carbon footprint makes the addition of a skylight to a home a greener option as well.

Skylights are available in a variety of shapes and configurations to match the architectural style of the home. Homeowners can also select from various glass options, allowing for more protection and filtration of any harmful UV rays that might discolor carpeting or furnishings below. If desired, shades or blinds can be built into the skylight, allowing the homeowner to control the amount of light flowing into the living space.

Before committing to the project, the homeowner should meet with the contractor, who will evaluate the existing roof, including the slope and ceiling height in the room in which the skylight will be installed. The homeowner should then receive the contractor's recommendations regarding the placement of the skylight to generate the appropriate amount of heat and light to the living space.

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