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Many people view the addition of a skylight as an exotic fixture that seems to give the home life. It can allow natural light to illuminate rooms, help with energy efficiency and in a way and open up the home to the outdoors. In many situations, the addition of a skylight may play a role in whether someone buys the property or not. However, not every structure can support installing one of these additions without major modifications to the roof. As such, most homeowners will consult the practices of a Loveland roofing specialist to assess what needs to be done.

One of the major reasons why many people install skylights is to allow natural light into a room. Instead of relying on light bulbs, especially during the day, these openings to the outdoors give a sense of nature while allowing the sun to brighten the area. Virtually any room in the home can be illuminated in this fashion as long as the roof will allow such modifications.

For those that are worried about heat dissipation and energy use during summer and winter months, the skylight can be built with efficient windows. These products can help keep the cold out during the winter while delivering the light of day into a room. Some designs can also come with automatic shutters, covers and interior closures, adding another layer of protection from the seasons.

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Theoretically, any ceiling and roof can support a skylight. However, the effectiveness of the light coming in can be reduced by the height of the ceiling and the placement of the skylight. Sometimes, light can still come into the home, but it will be more centered on the area directly below the opening. In homes that have a taller roof with an attic space, a skylight may not be practical.

Installing a skylight takes more than cutting a hole in the roof and ceiling. It takes planning and analyzing the structure to determine if the project can be completed safely. Although a homeowner may want the opening to be in a certain location in the home, the framework of the ceiling and roof may prevent its placement. However, a skylight can be placed in a specific area as long as the support beams and other objects are addressed during construction. This often means that new beams are installed on either side of the window to give the structure support. A roofing specialist in Loveland will be able to determine if additional beams need to be installed by examining the roof and ceiling of the home.

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