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Though it's commonly overlooked by homeowners, the attic can play a key role in both the energy efficiency and the structural integrity of a home. In particular, a poorly ventilated attic can cause a range of problems including ice dams, increased energy consumption and excess moisture buildup. Improving attic ventilation with rafter vents, soffit vents and other hardware is often a simple and affordable process, and homeowners are highly encouraged to contact a trusted Loveland roofing professional for an expert evaluation.

Homeowners should be aware of several warning signs that may indicate poor ventilation in their attic. The first and most obvious is a buildup of hot air during warmer months. Though an attic will naturally be warmer than the rest of the home, a poorly ventilated attic can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees during summer. Proper airflow can effectively reduce the buildup of heat, keeping the air a more manageable temperature.

A second, more troubling sign is the appearance of excess moisture in winter. If not properly evacuated, any warm, moist air leaking in from the living space below can cause moisture buildup and lead to a number of serious issues, including wood rot and the development of various forms of mold and mildew. This moisture can often be seen on the rafters or elsewhere underneath the roof, condensing into droplets in summer and freezing into frost in winter.

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A final indicator is the rapid melting of snow and ice on the roof. Inadequate airflow allows the attic to become too warm during the winter months, transferring heat to the roof and melting the snow above. The resulting water often refreezes in the gutters and along the edges of the roof, forming ice dams that may prevent water from running off into the gutters. This water sometimes seeps in between the shingles and eventually leaks through the roof.

Fortunately, quick identification by the homeowner can prevent these problems from occurring. A roofing expert can evaluate the attic's ventilation system to identify and correct any airflow problems. Improving attic ventilation offers a number of benefits. By reducing the temperature in summer, it can cut down on cooling costs and prevent unnecessary heat stress to the roof. In fact, many asphalt shingle warranties require a properly ventilated attic for this reason. Additionally, by removing warm, moist air from the attic, effective ventilation can inhibit the growth of mold, prevent wood root and reduce the possibility of structural damage from the expansion of freezing water.

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